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KY Squirrel Removal Specialist have over 18 years experience helping clients with squirrel removal. We are dedicated to helping our clients solve their squirrel problems quickly and humanely.  We are your most complete squirrel removal company. Our specialist can not only remove  the squirrels from your attic, chimney, walls and fireplaces but we can also repair the damages they have caused.  We have highly skilled craftsman on staff that can repair damaged insulation, chewed wiring, squirrel holes that have been chewed into wood work, vinyl siding, soffit, fascia and walls.  

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What we do?

squirrels in homes, businesses, attics, chimneys and fireplaces is very common throughout Kentucky.


Making sure your home or business is free from unwanted squirrels is incredibly important, yet many homeowners are not aware they can be humanely removed and prevented from reentering.  Like everything in your home, squirrel removal requires a proactive and integrated approach. If you suspect you have squirrels in your home or business attic or walls then call one of squirrel removal specialist.  Our certified staff will assist you with every step of the squirrel removal process.  

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The squirrel birthing season is fast approaching. Female squirrels are preparing nesting sites to raise their spring litter so ...


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