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Safe humane squirrel removal requires trained and certified Professionals


Removing squirrels from a structure requires an integrated approach.  Our trained and certified squirrel removal specialist will assist you every step of the process.  We will inspect your home or business, identify the squirrels entry and exits,  squirrel damages and prepare an integrated plan to solve your squirrel problems.  If you suspect you have a squirrel problem then contact one of our local offices today and let our courteous professionals handle everything.

Why Choose Our Professional Team

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  • AAAC Certified Wildlife Professional

  • AAAC Humane Certified Professional

  • Licensed Kentucky Wildlife Control Operator

  • NWCOA Certified Basic Wildlife Control Operator

  • US Trapper Education Course Graduate

  • Licensed, Insured and bonded company

we inspect your home or business from top to bottom

Squirrel removal and control is our specialty. Our certified squirrel removal specialist will inspect your property and provide you with the best solution to your squirrel problems. No project is too large or small and we treat every client with the highest quality service. We are Kentucky's most complete squirrel removal company!

Client satisfaction is our highest priority

We’re committed to professionalism and to providing the highest quality service. We'll come to you, identify the problem and then present you with an integrated plan that works for you.  Call us today, and see what our commitment to quality is all about! 

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We are Kentucky's most complete wildlife removal company! We offer complete wildlife removal and wildlife damage repair services. 

Our wildlife services include:

KY Squirrel Removal Specialist

  • Shepherdsville, KY

  • Prospect, KY

  • Shelbyville, KY

  • Goshen,, KY

  • Clarkville, KY

  • Georgetown, KY

  • Floydd Knobs, KY

  • Hurstbourne, kY

  • Elizabethtown, kY

These are only a sample of our service locations. Call us today, we have an office near you.

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